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Knowing the source of the rug stain goes a long way to correcting the problem. Further, there are basically two categories of stains, color added and color subtracted. Color added stains are typically created by solids or liquids imparting their color compositions from dyes. This type of stain requires removing all of the substance residues first through flush extraction. After this technique what is left in the fiber is generally the "color added dyes". Beverages, food products and a host of household sundry products usually have a fixed amount of food color dyes, or dyes to create a desired marketing appeal. There are color reducers, oxidants, used carefully and conservatively that can reduce the "color added" alteration, but it may also be necessary to color correct using air brush techniques with acid dyes.

The second category is color subtracted. This is caused typically by substances such as hair products, tile cleaning products, etc. that have oxidizers or bleach in their composition. Now depending on the concentration of these bleaches or oxidants, the success derived from color repair is variable. It is necessary to neutralize and thoroughly rinse out residues front and back of the affected area contaminated. At this point using fiber redying procedures, original colors can be restored.

"Pet urine stains", the question is age, old, new. The procedure for successfully reversing a urine stain varies somewhat because of the PH nature of urine, Old stains become alkaline, new stains are acidic, therefore, reversing procedure is tricky, further, there is a pigment color that has to be treated like the aforementioned "color added" explanation. The success of these procedures also depend upon the fiber types, nylon, wool, polyester, olefin and cotton. These procedures are best qualified and rendered by professionals at Augusta RugWorks.