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Area Rug Repairs Bind - Serge - Fringe Color Repair

The most common rug repair requests have to do with rug edges and ends, the ends being the kilim and fringe and the edges being the serging, binding and weft return. These are the weakest and most vulnerable areas of the rug. The biggest enemy yet paradoxically the best friend of your rug, is the vacuum cleaner, or should I say, vacuum machine operators.

Upright vacuum cleaners with adjustable beater bars are the offender, while they are the best vacuum machine to use it seems the operator doesn't fully understand that pile height adjustment is critical. Set is higher, rather that lower. Less aggression at the interface between the beater bar brush and the carpet fiber is better and it will still vacuum without damaging.

"AVOID THE FRINGES" - but if your machine manages to ensnare the fringe to the point of damage, then YES, we can repair, replace or remove altogether the fringe.

***Karastan rugs are notorious for fringe pulling away from the rug weave structure. Augusta RugWorks can repair this and has a unique remedy to prevent this from ever pulling away again.

Old hand-knotted rugs may require a traditional method of end and edge erosion. A method known as overcasting can be performed thus preventing erosion and/or stopping further erosion of the weave structure.

Rips, tears and holes can be rewoven, re-stitched, re-dyed, etc.

If you have any questions or would like a price quote, please feel free to call us 706-650-7847or email us at AUGUSTARUGWORKS@GMAIL.COM and we will get back with you.


In many instances your rug may not fit the size and shape of another room or home that you hoped to use the rug for. Please see our section on AREA RUG RESIZING.


1. We have an old rug that the fringes (end tassels) have worn away. The rug is handwoven and we would like to either replace the fringe or protect the ends from further material loss. Is this possible?

Yes to both solutions. We can either hand knot new fringe tassels or preserve the rugs ends with what is known as overcasting.

2. Is it possible to remove the fringe on my rug and sew the ends to match the sides? We really don't like the fringe. It always looks messy.

We do this procedure often these days it seems. This is a common complaint. We will remove the fringe and serge to match color to the rugs sides.

3. I have seen a type of fringe that is knotless with short tassels. Could I replace my rugs fringe with this style? There are many styles and colors available and yes, we can perform this replacement. 4. The edging down the sides of one of our rugs seems to be unraveling. Is there an easy remedy for this problem?

Yes, this is referred to as serging and it should be delt with as it preserves the rugs foundation and keeps the knots from unraveling. It will either need overcasting or reserging and we can perform this task.

5. We turned our rug (rotated, as we were instructed to do once a year, when we purchased it). To our horror we discovered some small to not so small bald spots in the pile. What's going on?

My guess is the area you "rotated" was under a piece of furniture and became a great spot for moths or carpet beetles to start their breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first order of business is to get the rug in to us for anti-moth treatment. This will rid you of any more infestation for three (3) years. The bald area can be retufted or rewoven, thus restoring your rug to its original look.

6. My house-cleaner, husband, children, somebody, "not me", has apparently spilled something on the rug that has lightened the coloration in several areas. Please tell me it can be saved, as we spent alot of money on this perfect rug.

To the rescue! Send it in, I will clean and treat these areas for recolor. After preparations are complete I will mix the proper dye types and colorations to restore their color, providing the fiber is wool or nylon. There might be a tag on a back corner validating the fiber makeup.

7. We have an old flat style kilem rug passed down to us. It has an irregular shape, probably warped. Can the rug be stretched back into its normal rectangular shape?

Maybe - This is a village loom rug. The looming techniques are more primitive and in-exact (i.e., warp and weft tensions) so it could and probably is an inherent characteristic or your rug. Other warping conditions can be caused by overwetting without adequate drying procedure. "Blocking" the rug in these instances minimizes the condition.

8. We have a fairly new rug that is 10 foot by 19 foot, that we transferred to a new home. It is too large for our great room space. Is there a way to make it fit?

Depending on the rugs pattern, yes. Please visit our ORIENTAL AND AREA RUG RESIZING section for more information on this service.

9. I have two 9 foot runners that I would like to have joined together to make one runner that is 14 foot long. Hoping you have a suggestion.

My suggestion is to send them in and we will resize, matching pattern and finishing ends appropriately, to your new desired sizing.

10. We recently purchased an 8x11 hand hooked rug. Our dear pet cat discovered she liked it too! She apparently tried to dig a hole in our rug, with much success. I have alot of the yarn that came out of the rug. Can this be repaired?

Yes, probably. Send some digital pictures if possible, via our email at AUGUSTARUGWORKS@GMAIL.COM, I will asses the damage and render a price to repair the damage.

Please furnish us with pictures of the problem areas of your rug. A digital picture is available, using both landscape and zoom settings. EMAIL these to us and we will respond with a solution and price quote.