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The age old problem of pet odors in your area rugs is a stubborn issue to resolve. Flushing your rug alone is only partially effective. If your rug is wool and cotton composition, bear in mind that these are the two most absorbent natural fibers and the contaminates will enter all of the micron size openings in the fibers construction and this adds up to a lot of contaminates!

Flushing gets most of the outside residues especially when using the proper detergents. But the remaining "deep in" residues have to be encouraged with more extraction under vacuum and lastly enzyme treatments designed to destroy and consume remaining bacteria. Also urine has a tricky chemistry based on uric acid, proteins, hormones, enzymes that is variable based upon pets age, health and gender, all of which complicates effectiveness of cleaning. This process simply requires time and patience. Other pet odor problems have to do with just plain old pet body odors being transferred to the rug from their fur. This is an easier problem to solve. Generally the normal cleaning process combined with deodorants and a final rinse free procedure will eliminate your every day normal range of pet odor problems.

Synthetic fibers such as nylon, olefin, polyester , all render different cleaning results when dealing with pet odors and must be treated according to their fiber composition.