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Resizing an existing rug or a rug you are considering for purchase is yet another way to "customize" your exact size and shape. For instance, if you have a rug that will not fit a new room layout or you have changed locations and would like to make your rug fit your new space.

Resizing is the practical solution for this scenario. As demonstrated in the picture slides, this is one example of not only downsizing, but also changing the rugs shape to fit a new rooms layout.

If you are considering this option then simply email us a few digital photos of the rug (close up shots of the front and back and one full size picture of the front of the rug so we may see the pattern) with the existing dimensions and your preferred new size. We will evaluate and respond with an e-quote.

Oriental and Area Rug Resizing
1. We have recently sold our house and are considering leaving our rugs with the home. We hate this idea but they will not fit our new homes layout. If we send you pictures can you determine the possibility of resizing them?

Yes, of course. However, please include existing sizes and desired sizes along with close up digital photos of the rugs, front and back. We will be able to determine what we can do for you and return your inquiry with solutions and pricing.

2. I have two (2) rugs that are 5x8, same pattern and same colors. Could I have them joined together to make a rug that is approximately 8x10, and will it look right.

Good possibility - providing we can find a pattern match close to resizing delineation, then it will come together neatly. Remember to send pictures first for an evaluation.

3. If you resize my rug to a smaller size, won't it lose its artistic symetry?

I will not do it if it causes a symetrical distortion. Seeing the rug is important to that answer. In some cases this task cannot be performed without disrupting the rugs artistic balance.

4. Our new space has a fireplace jutting out of one corner. A rectangular shaped rug does not work because of this situation. Do you have any suggestions?

You need a cut corner shape to comply with your fireplace angle. Your existing rug or rug you want to purchase can be reshaped, maintaining its integrity to fit this scenario. Send pictures and sizing information, and we'll get back with you.

5. I have a 20 foot runner in my office building at work that I am considering using in another setting. I would like to resize this runner to an approximate 9x9, L shape. Can you handle this request?

Yes, there is a couple of ways to fit this together in an "L" shape, and maintain its pattern integrity. Again, we will need pictures of the runners and the hall measurements to be able to let you know what can be done and give your pricing.

6. There is a 10x10 square shape oriental rug in our dining room that I would like to move to our kitchen table area. However, I would like it to become an 8x8 octagon. How much would this cost?

Take some pictures os your rug, front and back, then email them to us. I will evaluate and promptly respond with a price quote.

7. Can you resize a rug from one shape to any shape?

Not exactly. Please request specific shapes. Each situation has to be evaluated based on sizing variables and patterns.

In reading through all of the questions and answers above, you can certainly see how valuable a picture is in being able to answer your questions. We will be happy to answer any and all of your questions, if you would kindly email us a picture or pictures of both the front and back of the rug in question, current size of rug and what you would like the new size to be, your required shape, and any information you think we may need to give you an informed answer. We will get back with you promptly if more information is needed or with a price quote for the services you are requesting.