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The options are endless when completing your room design with an area rug. Below you’ll find more information about common rug styles as well as a few inspirations and suggestions of how to incorporate area rugs into your decor.

After color, design should be considered when selecting an area rug to enhance your decor. While area rugs can serve as an extension of your personality; be sure to think about creating harmony between the elements of your decor.

Be it contemporary or traditional, both styles account for your self-expression and taste. Geometric patterns are best suited for modern settings, where as traditional floral patterns are the ones you can use to enhance the vintage style of the old world. When mixing patterns, it is important to remember that either the color or the pattern should be in sync with each other. This helps to create cohesive décor.

Be experimental
  • Use rugs of different patterns within the same room as long as the colors coordinate.
  • Select rugs of different sizes to create more interest and contrast.
  • Use two rugs of the same size to divide a room in half.
  • Incorporate rugs of different sizes that are designed to coordinate with each other.
  • When using stripes on a floor, horizontal stripes placed in a long narrow room create a feeling of more space.
  • Vertical stripes placed in a small hallway make it seem longer.

Color tips

Select a rug that coordinates with your decor. Remember the colors in the rug don’t have to match all the colors within the room, but at least one color should coordinate.

Making color decisions

Color is necessary and without it a home can look lifeless. Vibrant patterns and colors can strengthen the look of almost any room. Although it can seem simple enough, adding color to a plain room isn’t always easy. An addition of a bright area rug can offer a welcome reprieve from neutral design schemes. If you want an area rug that conforms to your room’s general appearance, then you may want to opt for neutral tones and designs that blend with your existing decor. A textured shag rug is also a great option as a backdrop for your furnishings.