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At Augusta RugWorks we can help you put those left over pieces of carpet to use, by simply adding binding or serging to the edges. With hundreds of colors and many styles to choose from, such as wide cotton bindings, leather and cork, tapestry or fabrics and animal prints too, you are not limited in how you would like to have your carpet finished. If you want that extra added finishing touch, there are several styles and colors of fringes that can be added.

But these services are not just limited to left over carpet, as many times area rugs can become frayed or torn through use and vacuuming. To restore the look and continue to use the rug they can be rebound or serged. If the vacuum cleaner or the puppy decides to make a lunch of the fringe on your favorite rug, we can repair it, replace it or remove it all together if you prefer.

We also offer many styles of carpeting that can be cut to the size or shape you require and finished in any of the many ways we have described above.